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Forex Articles

Forex Articles to increase your knowledge of financial instrument trading and risk management as well as economic and political events worldwide.

The Future of Forex

What is interesting also is the number of young and educated professionals in this industry who you can predict they will take the future of Forex to a new and different level; more complex and more creative

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What is ECN

Electronic Communication Network is a computerized network used by traders to facilitate their trading in financial instruments by essentially speeding up and streamlining the process it takes to execute an order

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Trade Copying

Trade copying enables traders to establish a sort of a “social network” that helps users remain connected with each other to interact and practically provide a huge library of trading signals and useful market commentaries

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Binary Options

Traders who are seeking a simple way to make quick money on foreign exchange may be tempted by Binary Options, which simply are the equivalent of trading based on tossing a coin to decide.

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