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FXLORDS team is a  group of young professionals whose total experience exceeds 10 decades in the international financial markets, believe that Forex Trading is all about making profits. Our mission is to provide a simple, yet profitable approach to understanding foreign exchange and the factors or news that influence big moves in the financial markets, assisting both the novice and the advanced trader and further spread awareness of the Forex Market in general, thereby offering the necessary tools to conduct a proper analysis and then make a successful trade”

The Lord

His professional experience was gained over the course of more than a decade working with leading Forex market makers all over the world where he honed his skills in trading a variety of Financial Instruments in global markets.
Exposed to the wide range of skills he acquired, He continued to develop his trading strategies and further improving his track record in Forex trading, until he found his ultimate goal he serves now by Launching FXLORDS to the Cyberspace to provide many Forex online trading services such as Forex trading signals, Forex account management, free Forex education and Forex market news and analysis.
Enthusiastic, motivated by challenge and renowned for pushing the limits, he has used innovative business development strategies to build FXLords LTD. to rapidly become a major provider of Forex trading services and tools to the successful Arabic trader.

The Advisor

He is the engine that runs FXLORDS and the shield who protects it from markets volatile action. His need to succeed and sense of accomplishment led him into Forex wold, but his curiosity and need to comprehend served only in making him a statistical and information encyclopedia. A Technical and a Fundamental Strategist specializing in the FX market with years of experience on Forex Trading Desks. His vision is what complete this team to be a real money making machine.
“The FX market is a battle field, you stand in it against yourself, and only then, you will realize that your biggest enemy is and has always been yourself you will have to learn how to pull your sword and attack, otherwise you’re defeated “

The Creative

With a background of staging beautiful, impressive digital experiences, he featured his creativity and identity in showcasing his imagination through FXLORDS visuals. A young energetic individual who has a perfect optimistic perspective into the world everyday, and a source of positive energy to his colleagues.
His after effect comes in combining design and technology, marketing and communication to empower the business connectivity to its market audience. Creative business communicates is a natural process for him that starts with considering the smallest details that will influence a positive impact, to implementing the required research, planning a strategy, designing and placement into an effective process to end with producing better business identities, marketing strategies, social connectivity and advertising.
“Creativity is what creates emotion and emotion is what creates sales. Most companies overlook the importance of emotion in their communications and they focus only on functions and analytics.”

The Architect

A networking genius optimized for the best solution, he is an experienced web developer specialized in multiple CMS, CRM, email platforms and integration. Experienced in corporate infrastructure, he built the network, telephone and security systems to allow effective communication between the lords driving success. His chosen flavor of technologies is a combination of Linux, PHP, JavaScript and anything server side that does cool stuff.
He is a problem solver who plans ahead, works calmly and perhaps too focused to get things done professionally

The Strategist

She is a young Strategist representing the lord in other regions and on the watch for more experts and looking out from competitors. and learning from them. An organizational leader with multiple degrees and certificates including her Ba with a distinctive GPA in Economics. She started her career in the financial markets with and progressed as a chart analyst and news reporter. A productive individual with extra ordinary analytical and statistical skills and a true supporter to the team.

The Planner

A Business and Finance graduate, a creative perfectionist who turns words to scenery with a flick on his pen. He worked for major banks in the United Kingdom for eight years until he moved to Cyprus to specialize in Business Studies Researcher and Writer who is on a mission of keeping his finger firmly on the economic and political pulse and works with FXLORDS as a source of with informative articles on today’s economic and political climate.

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