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Automated Trading

Yes, automated trading is possible and verified with MX3!

MX3 is an Expert Adviser programed using MQL for the use on Meta Trader 4 platforms which is designed mainly to automate the process of managing Forex accounts working with ECN brokers only.

It is an automated trading program developed by a team of market experts, which is, according to the creator, capable of performing complex yet stable flow of orders on the terminal server based on the instructions of a trader.

MX3 is a very fast execution system the needs to have a fair trading environment in order to work properly, which is the reason why its programed to work only on ECN platforms.

MX3’s main objective is to abuse trends when the price of a currency pair is moving with the position’s direction and dump positions when the probability of profitable positions becomes less” the creator said.

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MX3 is proven to work with different deposit sizes and regardless of the currency the account is based on. It will always start with a middle size trade (lots) then adding smaller fractions every preset amount of pips to close them all at a price level which is also predetermined. It is the best in the automated trading world!

You can have The Mighty MX3 assigned to your Forex trading account and regardless of the broker your account is held with by clicking the button below

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Conditions to join MX3 Automated Trading Program:

  1. Minimum account size $10,000.
  2. The agreement period will be set to at least ONE calendar months (30 days) and can be subject to further amendments which can extend the agreement – if the two parties decided to collaborate- and on a yearly basis after the first month.
  3. Capital protection is always set at 50%; All positions are automatically closed off and managers can’t trade funds until reactivated by client.
  4. 35% sharing percentage on both profits and losses occurred on the account.
  5. Total exposure will be limited to a maximum of 5% of the equity size on any given day.
  6. No hidden fees.
  7. Ability to work on any platform and any broker given good trading conditions.
  8. Full liquidity and access to funds: Clients can close their trading account along with its positions anytime during market hours.

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