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Cancellation and Refund Policy

FXLORDS aims to provide Forex traders with the best Forex trading signals and training courses in the industry, and we are looking for 100% satisfaction rate among our website users. This page explains cancellations and refunds in regards to cases where client satisfaction is not achieved.

FXLORDS respond in accordance with this cancellation and refund policy to two types of refund/ cancellation requests. They are;

  • Full refund of payment or subscription fee within 7 days counted from the first day of payment or subscription fee being received into FXLORDS’s account or,
  • If no profit from the signals is made in the first month. Applying to this kind of request is subject, but not limited, to terms mentioned below.

Subscriber will need to give FXLORDS a written request using our contact form or email info@fxlords.com. Processing of refund requests can take up to seven business days. Refunds only will be issued to the same account to which subscriber was charged. No other account will be considered.

FXLORDS does not entertain refunds and may continue to provide the service for the agreed period unless a specific set of of conditions apply. No refund is allowed once subscription for a specific period has been agreed upon and paid for by the user.

Terms governing these two types of refunds and cancellations are:

  • The user has the right to cancel his/her account at any time. The user understands that the request for cancellation of the account must be by using our contact us page or email to info@fxlords.com. Upon receiving the cancellation request, FXLORDS will start the investigation process and validate the reasons for the cancellation of the account, which at that time, you maybe not be receiving FXLORDS Forex trading signals or attending the Forex training course.
  • When you purchase FXLORDS Forex trading signals, FXLORDS guarantees 30 days money back if our system fails and achieved a negative performance, or if no signal has been released by FXLORDS at least once a week.
  • Any cancellation or refund request must be approved only by FXLORDS. If you wish not to continue with our service, you may cancel your subscription at any time by contacting us via email at info@fxlords.com.
  • No refund of the remaining days of the subscription to Forex trading signals or the Forex training course is possible in any case.
  • FXLORDS may terminate this agreement with the user with cause or material breach of this agreement and such termination shall become effective as of the day such termination is communicated to the user. No refund will be made by FXLORDS to user if the subscription is so terminated.
  • All subscription payments to FXLORDS are non-refundable unless the above statements hold. If you are new to our service, it is advised you follow our website and test-run if FXLORDS Forex trading signals service is right for you before you decide to join as a paying subscriber.

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