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Forex Brokers Reviews

Reviews on the most famous Forex Brokers, highlighting their advantages and disadvantages compared with other competitors in the Forex industry.

These reviews were written with all subjectivity and transparency to reflect the reality of those brokers. Each broker listed in this section has been test in both live and demo environments, their email and chat response has been recorded to compare them to each other. All information available to us were summarized in these pages to make the best use of them to our clients.

GKFX Review

GKFX has a comprehensive product that suits both the average trader as well as the advanced one. Even for a trader who requires certain conditions, GKFX might be able to meet his requirements due to its reputation of being flexible.

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NordFX Review

FXLORDS | NordFX Thumbnail Logo Review

The company was able to be somewhat successful during a short period and it received a number of reviews and comments from the online trading community applauding for the educational support

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FXCM Review


FXCM is acknowledged to be one of the biggest Forex brokers in the world. Founded 15 years ago and listed on the New York Stock Exchange, it has market capitalization of nearly $1.5bn.

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FXTM Review


FXTM was only founded in 2013 but has a great pedigree been originally set up by a Russian entrepreneur and one of the brains behind Alpari, which is universally recognized as one the top brokers in the field.

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