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GKFX Review


About it

GKFX is a young company established in 2010 but it is considered now among the well respected companies in the market. It’s registered and regulated in the UK with FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and in Australia with the ASIC. In addition to its London headquarters, it has locations across the globe in 18 cities in 14 countries including the UAE to appeal to traders from all over the world.

GKFX provides online trading services on top of an education facility and market analysis services. It specializes in Forex trading, as well as offering trading in stocks, contracts for difference (CFD) and precious metals.

The GKFX mission is to put the client first, delivering consistent quality of service, quality products to assist in the investment process in a flexible manner for the busy investors of today, which is why many novice traders stick with them as they turn to professional traders, proving GKFX‘s scalable and customizable systems.

Review Overview

Compliance to Different Authoroties
Speed and Ease of Procedures
Platform Execution
Technology and Facilities
Client Support and Offers


One of the biggest and most reputable Forex organizations around the world.

How do they help me learn?

The company offers several ways in which it can train the novice trader and it provides the advanced trader with the necessary tools needed to succeed in trading Forex. They include:

  • Courses – This is very convenient for novice trades and of great value for advanced ones. This section includes an e-book on chart patterns, candlesticks, strategies, moving averages, strategies and reversal patterns. In addition to the e-book, the courses section includes a glossary of Forex terms, Forex tutorial and a list of economic indicators and their importance.
  • Video Center – There, the client can find educational videos that will familiarize him with GKFX products and services. They include; Forex for beginners, MyFX, MT4 videos, weekly analysis and a useful how to do videos.
  • Webinars – A simple yet effective way to connect with GKFX account managers in real time. The free webinars are an excellent learning tool designed to help clients through each stage of their development as traders – from beginner to advanced. Every participant will have the opportunity to ask the host live questions to answer all of his or her trading queries.
  • Market Insight – It’s a separate section of GKFX‘s website that gives access to clients to tools that GKFX offers its clients, including technical studies and market sentiment. It also offers different calculators and convertors at the current market rate. One useful tool the market insight offers is the FX risk percentage calculator which determines the lot size based on the percentage of the balance that the client is willing to risk. You can select your account currency and currency pair, then add your stop loss level in pips, the balance amount and the percentage the client is prepared to risk.
  • Autochartist – Which helps novices with chart analysis by identifying and recognizing potential trade setups based on various patterns and candlesticks formations, allowing them to focus on the time of the trade rather than spending valuable time in analyzing charts.
  • Trade Works – Tradeworks is a trade automation system designed for experienced traders as well as newcomers to Forex trading. It has a  simple-to-use interface which allows clients to automate their trading strategies in minutes.
    Using Tradeworks also allows clients to elevate their trading as well as backtesting them with its advanced money management tools.
  • Trading Central – It’s one of the most known services for trading Forex online. It provides a more detailed look at Forex, equities, market indices, the futures and bond markets offering technical analysis reports on each of them, on top of their valuable trade recommendations, which is originally a paid service, however, GKFX offers this tool free of charge to their clients– invaluable to the trader.

How is the client support service in general?

GKFX offer an online chat with their representatives during market working hours to clarify any aspect of its services or provide instruction on how to use its services. Email response is not their best feature, however, there’s a call back facility where the client fills up a form and one of the client support staff will call back to answer the query. Telephone trading is also available if the internet goes down, and GKFX‘s customer service desk is open 24/5.

What does the industry say?

GKFX is awarded for almost every aspect of their business through out its short time in the business. Its awards track record goes back to 2011, and the most recent ones include Best FX Pricing in Saudi Arabia, Best Customer Service and Best Mobile Trading App in the UK

How safe is my money?

GKFX is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK, (ASIC) in Australia and Bafin in Germany. The company adheres to the AMF guidelines and it keeps clients funds fully segregated from GKFX capital.

What platforms does GKFX offer?

GKFX mainly uses MetaTrader platforms, which is the most reputable and the industry standard. It offers MetaTrader4, the MetaTrader4 web platform, and GKFX own webtrader. The MetaTrader4 platform is available for desktop, mobile and tablets. The MetaTrader4 web platform is identical to the MT4 but without the need to download a software. All GKFX’s own platforms are functional and stable.

What about its trading conditions?

GKFX offers both fixed and variable spreads accounts, but with markets being as they are, the spread can widen in times of illiquid markets or volatility. Leverage on Fix and Variable accounts are 1:400, whereas on the VIP account its 1:100.
The most important point regarding GKFX‘s trading conditions is that they will always honor your stop loss and take profits levels. Out of experience, there’s not even one case where they didn’t respond to complains or adjustment requests clients submit. If the client believes a trade was mis-executed, he or she can be sure that the company will deal with it promptly and with extreme professionalism.
EA are acceptable on GKFX’s platforms although the fast ones are not really welcomed. Last, their servers are up and running over 99.9% of the time and it’s almost impossible that clients will encounter a problem mid-trade.

How much will it cost me?

GKFX offers different accounts, each has its own spreads. The Fix account offers trading Forex starting 1.5 pips whereas the Variable account’s spread starts from 1.2 pips. Both the Fix and Variable account doesn’t have a minimum account deposit. Another account GKFX offers is the VIP account where spreads start from 0.6 pips but has a minimum deposit, however, the website doesn’t mention how much is it. All GKFX accounts are subject to swap or rollover fee, but neither charge commission on FX trading nor depositing or withdrawing funds.

Any special deals?

Unlike most companies in the industry, GKFX doesn’t offer deals, prizes to contests or bonuses on deposits as the company believes that this reduces credibility and is unnecessary to attract its business.

The bottom line

GKFX has a comprehensive product that suits both the average trader as well as the advanced one. Even for a trader who requires certain conditions, GKFX might be able to meet his requirements due to its reputation of being flexible. For novice traders and ones who are seeking educational sources along other services provided for them, GKFX definitely fits the profile of the broker they want with its service. The company’s website is rich and covers clients’ needs around every corner.

Do you like this broker?

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