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Trader IQ Test

Trader IQ Test | FXLORDS

Did you ever wonder how would you do if you were Gordon Gekko or if you were asked to be someone like him? Do you have what it takes to be successful in the financial markets? Take the Trader IQ Test and see how you will do.
Below are a set of question that if you completed, you will get a percentage of your trading IQ, how many questions were answered correctly and how long it took you to complete the test.

A policewoman wants to fine you because of a traffic offense, so…

1 out of 20

Do you buy lottery tickets?

2 out of 20

What kind of sport would you do with pleasure?

3 out of 20

Which one of the following statement would best describe you?

4 out of 20

How much money do you think you could make trading on stock market annually?

5 out of 20

How much is the 20% of 67?

6 out of 20

If "a" was definitely bigger than "b" than which statement is true?

7 out of 20

If everything got more and more expensive, then…

8 out of 20

The price of XY share fell down 12% yesterday. It continues falling and lost another 5% today. How much has been the total loss?

9 out of 20

You see something in a shop that you've been craving for and today it's a bargain. You don't have money now but you will get you salary in 3 days. What would you do?

10 out of 20

You think that the rules were made …

11 out of 20

If foreign capital flowed in our country…

12 out of 20

For speculation on the market…

13 out of 20

Which statement do you think is true?

14 out of 20

What would you bet on roulette if you had red seven times before (consequently)?

15 out of 20

Have you ever tried to quit smoking?

16 out of 20

What do you think about this statement: It's not winning but how you play the game that counts.

17 out of 20

In which case do you have more petrol?

18 out of 20

Are you good at mental arithmetic? (4 main maths operation)

19 out of 20

If you were wrong, ….

20 out of 20

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