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Forex Training Course

Join us today and subscribe to our innovative service, FXLORDS’ one-to-one Forex Training Course, 12 sessions given over 6 weeks, each for 15 minutes, designed and presented to you to take you step by step up the ladder of success and money making through Forex trading.

In order to enhance the learning experience offered to our clients, this course will take place via Skype, which allows you see our desktop. We will also provide each client enrolled in this service unlimited number of demo accounts to practice, on top of our offer of a rebate account if the client is to trade live with any of FXLORDS Preferred Brokers.

The Forex Training Course is a comprehensive program suitable for beginners as well as advanced traders, and it is structured to cover all essentials to trade in the Forex market, starting from a quick explanation to the basics all the way to advanced topics like learning how to build your own strategy.

Increase your profits today and take advantage of our super offer @ 150 EU for the whole 12 sessions.

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The Forex Training Course will be covered in 12 sessions, each for 15 minutes. The course’s sessions are:

  1. Forex Trading Basics: Terms and vocabulary used in Forex. Best currency pairs and hours to trade. What leverage to use?
  2. Getting Started in Forex Trading: The correct approach to start trading. What account size should you trade?
  3. Charts and Quotes: Understanding various tools used in trading platforms.
  4. Mechanics of Forex Trading: What makes Forex trading profitable and interesting.
  5. Entering and Exiting Forex Trades: The most important lesson you might ever attend. Necessary concepts to consider when trading Forex.
  6. Interest Rates and Carry Trade in Forex: How interest rates and carry trading affect Forex trading. How can you benefit from them?
  7. News and Economic Releases: What’s important and what’s not. Which economic releases are worth trading?
  8. Fundamental and Technical Analysis: Which one is the right one for you? What about sentiment analysis?
  9. Introduction to Technical Analysis: Famous technical indicators and chart patterns. How to use them effectively.
  10. Opening a Forex Account: What to look for in a Forex broker, and how to avoid unpleasant situations with your broker.
  11. Risk Management: What separates the successful trader from the losing one and how to stay away from risky positions and handling tough ones.
  12. Greed and Fear: How to avoid the two most destructive forces when you trade Forex.

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