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Managed Forex Accounts

In order to make our clients feel confident that their funds are with professional and responsible Account Managers, we decided to SHARE LOSSES -if they occurred on the trading account- and at the same ratio we share profits

Procedures for joining the FXLORDS Managed Forex Accounts service:

  1. Before deciding to trade, we will discuss your financial situation and investments with you to prioritize your liabilities and arrange for a plan that will achieve your goals.
  2. We will present the criteria which the agreement will fulfill, such as profit and loss percentage and the maximum risk taken on your account.
  3. You open a Forex trading account under your own name with a regulated broker of your choice, and deposit the funds in your trading account.
  4. A Limited Power of Attorney with FXLORDS must be signed by your good self to grant FXLORDS access to trade the account only, and not to deposit or withdraw from the account.
FXLORDS | Managed Forex Accounts
Managed Forex Accounts reports returns on investment at a ratio between 10-15% on quarterly basis and on different types of accounts. FXLORDS aims for 100% per year.

Our historic performance during 2013-2016 exceeded 100% on a yearly basis. Please Check the table below for reference.
History performance of FXLORDS Managed Forex Accounts durning 2013 - 2015

DownloadManaged Forex Account Statement
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Trading Statement 2
Trading Statement 3
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To join FXLORDS Managed Forex Accounts service, please click on the button below

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FXLORDS conducts business only with the best service providers who possess proven trading records, wide tactics and varied portfolio management and strategies. In addition to that, we guarantee low performance fees, the use of high water mark rule in calculating profits and losses, along with the provision of full control over the account to remain with the client. FXLORDS‘ reliable professional traders provide profitable low risk strategies to manage Forex trading accounts on behalf of the client from all over the globe.

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